Sydney Bennet

Name: Sydney Bennet
Grade: 11
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: I love spending time with my friends and traveling. Most of my time is spend doing random stuff for my Youth Group (BBYO) or talking on the phone. I also play the flute and enjoy scrapbooking.
Favorite food: Potatoes. A lot of people think its strange that my favorite food but its pretty hard to find a gross way to make potatoes.
Greatest weakness: I can’t relax. I have to be doing something 24/7 (unless I am a sleep). This can make me a little stressed and uptight sometimes (but its my own doing). I am also the biggest needle whimp you have ever met.

I am absolutely in love with taking personality quizzed. Through them I have found out that I am BBQ Sauce and a Plain Bagel. My newest quiz obsession is with the 16 personality types. Apparently I am a ESFJ meaning that I am very maternal, love being around people, and can’t relax. Please give me a call if you want to talk, need vent, or want to know more about your personality type.


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