Monique Foung

Name: Monique Foung
Grade: 9
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: Volleyball, Choir, Temple Youth Group
Favorite food: PMT, dark chocolate Max cookies made with lots of love and mistakes, and Schaub’s pickles (only 99 cents for a whole pickle!)
Greatest weakness : Chocolate. It is determined to make me fat and blubby. I’m constantly sneaking out of my room to the kitchen for more. But besides chocolate, insecurity and loneliness.
Call me whatever you want to call me.  I have been called anything from MoMo and Q to Rainbow Rainbow and Michael Pudding (those are the only two names I went by when I was three. I have no idea how I got either one.) I used to be unsure of how to talk to other people about themselves, or how to talk about “Me” whenever I needed help. It took a while, but I finally figured out how to have a meaningful conversation without having to run behind a tree and hide.  People I’ve met along my way to high school and who have opened up to me have gone through what might not seem like a big deal to the world, but might leave a huge impact on their lives.  Often, I find that I might have even had those same feelings at times, or have gone through the same type of incident.  I want to try and help you if you ever need it, whether I think about your situation logically or from an emotional perspective or tell you how I delt with it when something similar affected me.  I’m always willing to stop and talk with anyone, and am constantly there just in case you need to lift something off your chest or yell about your unfair chem teacher or some stupid girl who broke your heart, or just to chat.  Just come find me, and I’ll try and help you out. 😀


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