Max Woo

Name: Max Woo
Grade: 9th grade (frosh)
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: Random things that come and go XD Currently I like dancing, music, and some nerdy things…like electronics…and i also play the violin
Greatest Weakness: hmm…this is a toughie….when my friends (possibly crush XP) insults me…those hurt pretty bad XD

Wasup yall, I’m Max, the one to fax if u wanna relax…yo! Ok, yeah, that duznt really make sense (and btw, email is better, my mom checks the fax machine XD), but thats how I roll. So anyways, I’m a rock, and that does not mean I’m a creeper (jk, rocks aren’t creepers…I hope), so feel free to email me anytime, or just find me at gunn and talk to me. Finding me can be a bit hard, cuz I’ll admit I’m pretty short, but I like to think its average (at least in China XP). And if you just wanna chill, that’s cool too, I’m always free at lunch or brunch, and sometimes afterschool. So, you know, feel free! I wont bite (and im probably too short for that, anyways XD).


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