Liana Vitousek

Name: Liana Vitousek
Grade: 9th
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: I love to play guitar, sing, ride horses
Favorite: Food is anything Thai or vegetarian, music is folk or indie, movie is Into The Wild
Greatest weakness: I am terrified of talking to people I don’t know in any sort of situation that I don’t choose myself (when my parents take me to dinners at their friends’ houses and make me hang out with their friends’ kids. So not fun! I tend to be shy in any situation that I don’t volunteer to put myself in, but ROCK certainly does not apply!

Hey there! I am in the process of devouring a fortune cookies – delicious little devils, aren’t they? My fortune claims that “a shooting star tonight will bring you good luck tomorrow.” I wonder if that means I have to be watching the sky all night? I suppose I wouldn’t mind that, though I doubt I’d be able to see the stars, considering the rain. I love the rain.
My name is Liana, but some of my friends call me Lili. It’s a nickname I took from my cousin (an offense for which she has never forgiven me) and it’s a bit bubbly for my taste, but oh well! Of my group of friends, I am considered the mother. When one of them is upset or sad, I’ll give them a big hug and call them “sweetheart.” If you’re not into physical contact (hugs!), then prepare for a stream of overly-affectionate terms to be applied to you. According to my friends, I’m good at cheering people up, and I suppose that’sa good thing.
I joined ROCK because I love to make people feel better and to just talk, and I am there to be your solid, motherly, dependable ROCK if you need me to be!
Over and out! – Liana


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