Helen Carefoot

Name: Helen Carefoot
Grade: 9
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: Volleyball, Choir, Baking/Cooking, Reading, Watching great movies and listening to great music, hanging out with my amazing friends, meeting new cool people!
Favorite Food: Any delicious baked good/dessert, strawberries, chocolate milkshakes, gooey cheese pizza
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Music: Muse, James Taylor, Jason Mraz … pretty much anything and everything!
Favorite Place at Gunn: The gym! (and the vending machines near the lunch lines when I have a dollar in my pocket!)
Favorite TV Show: Glee, The Office, Parks & Recreation
Greatest Weakness: Talking too much, procrastinating!
Hey! I’m Helen! Usually whenever one of my friends have problems, they come talk to me because I guess they think I’m a good listener and I try not to judge people. I love to make new friends and meet new people, so you can come talk to when you you just got in a fight with your best friend, when you’re stressed about a quiz, or just need someone to talk to, I’ve got your back! 🙂

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