Ari Greif

Name: Ari Greif
Grade: 10
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: Well, for the universal answer, I like to read and to write (mostly I write poems) I like to watch tv…lots and lots of T.V. shows, i’m totally in love with Joss Whedon’s works and I love to talk about everything and ANYTHING. I like solving problems and creating movies (too bad my parents won’t buy me an apple, I don’t know how to do it on a PC 😥 ) I love to make random sound effects to anything I do. I love making my friends laugh even if it means putting myself down.
Favorites: Sport: I joined a Karate team last year and I love it. I have been jumping from sport to sport all my life so I know know how stressful it can be.
TV show/Song: can’t tell you, changes every week-ish
Greatest weakness: My greatest fear is people not liking me. The very idea makes me want to crawl into my room with a cup of tea and read until midnight.

Herro! I’m very loud and I love to jump around and be hyper. I say: If something is boring, well! make it interesting! (that is where the sound effects come in) My friends think i’m weird and not ‘normal’. But really, who’s normal now-a-day’s anyways? I think if someone is ‘normal’ they’re the one’s that are abnormal! I think not being yourself is just like cheating, your only harming yourself, not anyone else. OH! I think it’s really annoying how spell check can correct horrible mistakes automatically but can’t make the lower case ‘I”s capitalized… 😀


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