Project Cornerstone


Click on the links below to access the PDF files of the handouts passed out during the workshop.

Student Handout

Teacher Handout

Pictures of the posters made at Project Cornerstone can be found here.

“40 Ways to Show Young People You Care”

1. Notice them.
2. Smile at them.
3. Look them in the eye when you talk with them.
4. Ask them about themselves.
5. Let them tell you how they feel.
6. Tell them what you like about them.
7. Ask their opinions.
8. Seek them out.
9. Give them your undivided attention.
10. Hug them.
11. Notice when they are acting differently.
12. Tolerate their interruptions.
13. Accept them as they are.
14. Tell them how much you like being with them.
15. Make yourself available.
16. Be nice to them.
17. Be honest with them.
18. Keep the promises you make to them.
19. Tell then what you expect of them.
20. Respect them.
21. Believe in them.
22. Make time to be with them.
23. Be excited when you see them.
24. Notice when they grow.
25. Remember their birthdays.
26. Introduce them to your friends.
27. Include them in conversations.
28. Do what they like to do.
29. Listen to their favorite music with them.
30. Read aloud together.
31. Go places together.
32. Build something together.
33. Make decisions together.
34. Help them learn something new.
35. Ask them to help you with something.
36. Encourage them to help others.
37. Let them make mistakes.
38. Admit when you make a mistake.
39. Tell them how proud you are of them.
40. Encourage them to think big.


  • This was so helpful—in many more ways than one.
  • The activities were exciting and kept us engaged. Thank you!
  • Thanks a lot!! It was a comfortable environment and I learned a lot.
  • It was comfortable talking to teachers


  • Take that extra minute, stop, and talk to someone (even if you’re in a hurry)
  • Get out of your comfort zone—taking risks is a good thing!
  • Start a conversation
  • Visit students who are sick
  • Give random compliments
  • Watching friends’ activities/sports
  • Secret Santa
  • Massive Get-well card for all sick students
  • Give hugs
  • Have an intentional goal of doing something kind to others
  • Help others create a list of fun activities and commit to doing one thing on the list every day

One Response to Project Cornerstone

  1. Kelly Noftz says:

    HMG Gives ME hope!
    Many thanks to Mr. Dunlap and the 50+ participants who shared a day of optimism and action in Project Cornerstone’s workshop addressing school climate. I felt a Tsunami wave of awareness, courage and activism in the room as students shared their great ideas for providing support, moment by moment, for all students and staff in our Gunn community. My biggest take-away from the day was overhearing the following: “There are no “small things” that we can do for each other. Every moment has the potential to be BIG! Stop holding back. Reach out. Make somebody’s day, wonderful!”.
    Thank you so much for sharing. You ROCK!
    Project Cornerstone

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