Idea List

Below is the list of ideas for improving school climate that we generated at Project Cornerstone and at the ROCK trainings. If you are interested in taking on any of these plans/projects, please send an email to with your name and contact info. That way, others who are interested will be able to contact you, too.

Thanks and good luck!

Improving School Climate

  • Having an “Intentional Acts of Caring Day” in which people can, for example, approach others and talk to them, and hopefully make their day better.
  • Parties with special needs students
  • “Speed Friending”—More often!
  • Have lunches where everybody sits in new places with new people
  • Blind Lunches—mix up the grades
  • “Kidnap” the freshmen—good hazing
  • Freshmen Lunch Date
  • More Turkey Feast type activities
  • Pot lucks
  • Inter-grade buddies doing Secret Santa
  • Free Hugs
  • Leaders (not necessarily Link Crew) who are willing to make friends and do genuine follow-ups
  • Students: Let teachers know they are appreciated: Teacher Appreciation Grams!
  • A mix-up Homecoming or Spring Fling—blend the grades
  • TBN shoutouts are good
  • Hold regular Food Party: make new friends and talk about random things, similar to Speed Friending
  • Friend-match instead of the Love-Match
  • Post-It Making Party

New Student/Freshmen/General Student Support

  • Making sure new students feel comfortable
  • Freshmen feast/festival
  • Peer guides for new students—also introduce them to clubs so they can make friends
  • Follow-up for new and foreign students in 10, 11, 12th grades
  • Make it easier for shy students to connect with students
  • Bring 8th graders to Gunn (or vice versa)

Candy Gram Type

  • Positive “notices”
  • Random Acts of Kindness grams
  • Link Crew Candy Grams for Freshmen with personal messages
  • Thank you grams more often
  • Care packages (among the buddies)
  • Warm fuzzy boxes/file—open when needed
  • Emails just to check in or to say hi
  • Candy bows—share the love!
  • Secret Pal system—gifts from a secret person throughout the year
  • Just Because…Grams to recognize students


  • Student involvement both in and out of SEC
  • “Balling Team”—free goods
  • Provide incentive for people to come talk to the ROCKs (like food)
  • Newspaper of school traditions/events for new students
  • Anonymous “Drop Box” for questions
  • See teachers out of classroom setting (see them as people not as authorities)
  • Make Link Crew more effective
  • Advisory—teacher to students through all four years (like Paly)
  • Buddy System
  • Buddy system for incoming freshmen—1:5 or 1:1 ratio instead of 1:20; pair up the students based on interests;
  • Senior/sophomore and freshman/junior buddies
  • Student buddy with someone who shares a class with them

Ideas from ROCK training

  • Parties with special education students–bowling, Valentine’s day
  • information sheets
  • buddy system–1 freshman paired with 1 junior/senior who shares similar interests
    • older buddy makes contact with younger buddy every day during the first week of school and continues to follow up with them
  • know upperclassmen
  • Link Crew: have an ongoing relationship rather than just giving information
  • within buddy system: community service projects to do together
Event Ideas
  • ROCK day
  • H20 toss
  • obstacle course
  • trade shoes for a day
  • shadow day
  • trust walk
  • photo collage
  • paint-a-rock

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