Become a rock

We want to try and get as many people in this involved as possible because each and every one of us has valuable perspectives. Also, the more people we have, the more times we can cover. 🙂

Once you become a rock, you embody the ROCK philosophy (Reaching Out, Caring, and getting to Know your peers and other students at Gunn) in your everyday life. Our description says that anyone can be a rock. You can be a rock for your friends, and that’s often the easiest to start with because you already have that established trust, and you can be there for them when they need you. If you want to step outside of your comfort zone, you could become rocks for other students who might need someone to be there for them.

If you would like to become a rock, Click Here and fill out the form to join!


One Response to Become a rock

  1. Ariel Ling says:

    I’m here for anyone who wants to talk. Or if anyone just needs a hand to hold. I have been there and I have come close to the end but after seeing the pain and feeling it first hand I now know that it is never worth it.

    “Don’t use a permanent solution for a temporary problem.”

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