ROCK Alums

We hope that students will continue to be “rocks” even after they graduate from Gunn, and we would like to form a ROCK alum network.

More detailed information about this project will be posted in the future.

Class of 2010 (alphabetical by first name)
Alex Johann
Ariel Ling
Aubrie Lee
Audrey Buatois
Boris Lin
Britania Light
Brittany Cheng
Caitlin Bourg
Chanel Miller
Christina Dimopoulos
Constance Wu
Danny Luskin
Edward Zhang
Emmalyn Chen
Eric Walker
Esther Han
Gilbert Ko
Hillary Stangel
Holly Xiao
Janice Li
Jessica Schroeder
Jillian Du
Jone Saukitoga
Joyce Liu
Julie Ju
Lizzy Burhenne
Lucy Wen
Maayan Dembo
Mackenzie Ruehl
Michael Pan
Michelle Stevenson
Nancy Li
Oona O’Neill
Pamudh Kariyawasam
Robyn Freeman
Roland Shen
Scott Baer
Sheena Rogers
Simon Shachter
Sophia Yu
Sophie Cheng
Victor Zhu
Vivek Sainanee
Wen Yi Chin
Xuejing Lu
Yoni Alon


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