Shivani Rustagi

Name: Shivani Rustagi
Grade: 11
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5, and have been singing since I was 10. I love to cook, and I keep so much stuff I find, making me an organized mess.
Favorites: band: Muse; sweet food: chocolate chip cookies, which I make all the time
Greatest weakness: putting my emotions into words. I relate to everyone easily, but I get lost if they’re too wordy!

My friends know me as the one who tries hard. When I’m to face a problem I’ll mull over it and analyze it for a while, or when it comes to a subject I always get help as soon as I can, and I don’t give up easily. I have never given up on a person either, because I know everyone has room to grow. After all the sad news at Gunn, I’ve become more open and honest with others around me, for myself, but mostly for other so that they know I’m not here to judge them, but help them. I’ve certainly developed more love for the Gunn community!
My favorite subjects are English and Choir, because they are my strengths and environments where I can express myself. My hardest subject is math- even though it’s such a rewarding subject, it’s so challenging. But I know practice makes perfect, so I’ve worked at it. As a rock, I focus on actions to take to make situations better. And, because of all the experiences I’ve been through, I can almost always relate. I hope I can help you out! And I look forward to it.
See you,


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