Oona O’Neill

Name: Oona O’Neill
Grade: 12
Activities: Horseback riding, reading, dancing randomly (terribly, I will have to say) to loud music, and finding the weirdest costumes to dress up in with friends.
Greatest Weakness: I am a stressor and a worrier. I tend to over think where things are simple, and completely confuse myself unnecessarily when things are a bit more complicated.
I love horses. Whether it’s riding in the arena, on a trail, or just hanging with the horses, I am happy. I have never been so passionate about anything else. If I am not living in the Horse World or working on homework, I can usually be found buried within the pages of a good novel or historical fiction. My favorites books and authors range from Jane Austen to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, and basically anything written by Shannon Hale. I have a very close relationship with my Dad, and therefore can be described as your regular goodie two shoes, which is always fun. I am happy to be graduating this year, although I am feeling slightly unprepared for the next step in my life, but if I remember to breathe or rant, whichever the moment inspires, I find I can work through the turmoil in my head.


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