Esther Han

Name: Esther Han
Grade: 12
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: Jade RIbbon related things (fight against HBV!), watching movies, playing arcade games, bass guitar, music
Favorite poem: “Do it Anyway” by Mother Teresa
Greatest weakness: I can be easily distracted and I trip on flat surfaces.

For me, high school have been hectic but I’ve truly enjoyed my time at Gunn because of the awesome teachers, classes, and friends. This is partly why I’m a ROCK, so I can give back to a community that gave so freely. I also want other people of all grades to have an even better experience with more available guidance and help.
I have a weird sleep schedule that always changes–I might miss your phone call at 8pm (sorry!) but be awake at 3am. Can’t go to sleep because of a problem? Feel free to contact me! Random people come to me with various issues and they say I give good advice. Hopefully, that’s true but you can be the judge and come find out yourself (:


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