Edward Zhang

Name: Edward Zhang
Grade: 12
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: Playing music, cooking, writing stories, making movies, drawing, biking, gaming haha.
Favorite TV shows: The usual: Simpsons, Family Guy, Fresh Prince etc…
Greatest weakness: Being distracted.

I’m writing this blurb at 1:15 AM in the dark on my laptop. There’s this really pesky bug, I think it’s a fly, that is in love with my laptop screen. I think it’s attracted to the light or…haha it just got stuck.

Anyhow, I’m Edward but most of my friends call me Ed. I’ve been called Dr. Zhang too…why you ask? We can talk about that some other time.

I’m a pretty straightforward person and I like to keep the atmosphere around me light. I like to laugh a lot and I like it when others laugh too. I act pretty foolishly around my friends and I like to crack jokes, but If you need someone to have a more serious conversation with, I’d be happy to be that person. I look forward to seeing/chatting with some of you in the future!


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