Brittany Cheng

Name: Brittany Cheng
Grade: 12
Activities/Hobbies/Things you’re really into: Design & Layout, Yearbook, Singing, Lacrosse, Smiling
Favorite ice cream flavors: Frosted Cake (from Rick’s), Green Tea (Haagen Daaz)
Greatest weakness: I talk too much. Also I lack athleticism and gracefulness.

I think what I’ll regret most about high school is not getting to know more people outside of my typical social group. Now that I’m a senior, and I can get people to look up to me (hopefully), I hope to mingle some more with different people. Most people don’t realize that, beyond the academics at Gunn, we really have a great group of people (yes even the teachers…most of them are pretty amazing) and it’d be worth your time to try to get to know the people who surround you at school every day.


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