Audrey Buatois

Name: Audrey Buatois
Grade: 12
Activities: I love to swim, read, and horses. I’m always in the water since I play water polo and I swim.In my spare time I do oil painting, and I read, and I try to go horseback riding whenever I can. Oh! and I’m also a lifeguard.
Greatest Weakness: I can be extremely disorganized and i tend to get very caught up in my emotions.

Through most of my high school career, I’ve been stressed out trying to juggle all the things that I wanted to do, but through all the things I did, the most important thing I learned was to take a break and do something that makes you happy. For me, I sometimes forget about my homework for an afternoon and just curl up with a good book, or go hang out with my friends and goof off. I definitely don’t do that enough. On most afternoons, I can be found at the pool, if you ever feel like dropping by and talking.


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