Aubrie Lee

Name: Aubrie Lee
Grade: 12th
Hobbies And Interests (HAI :}>): Punny jokes; the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender; philosophy; Peter Pan; fine arts; creative writing; collecting junk
Favorite Color: TEAL! :}>  (Favorite smiley face icon: :}>)
Greatest [or Worst] Weakness: Nostalgia
I harbor a wide variety of eccentricities.  Some of them you probably wouldn’t notice.  For example, I can hold my breath and keep my jaw closed while I yawn.  I can sneeze without blinking.  I can identify a subtle grammar mistake in a torrent of colloquial conversation.  One peculiarity that you most likely would notice is that I don’t smile.  They say that smiling is a universal language, but in truth, it isn’t.  My muscular dystrophy prevents me from smiling, but please don’t let my poker face prevent you from talking to this ROCK.

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