What is ROCK?

We are students who are committed to listening and talking with other students about anything and everything. We are here to listen and share our experiences.

ROCK is a peer advisory group/student support group that is completely student-run.

We are also an outreach group that hopes to create connections around campus and build a strong campus community in which all students feel welcomed.

Why was it formed?

This group was formed in response to the events that happened at the end of the 08-09 school year. The Gunn community truly came together and we hope to continue that sense of community and let people know that there are a lot of people at Gunn who even though you may not know but are there for you and would like to listen, talk, and help in any way. It is also a way for students to connect with one another.

Plus, it always seems less daunting to talk to one of your peers–talking to people who’ve been through the same kinds of situations can really put things into perspective.

Anyone can be someone’s rock. That’s the whole point. We just want to spread this concept and encourage communication among students.

Why is it called ROCK?

The student mentors are called a “rocks” because rocks are there when you need them and they never change.

How does it work?

We have a “drop-in” system during the school year, and students can pretty much talk to any of the rocks who are at the labeled “ROCK Table” in the Library. Rocks are there during their preps, but they may or may not be there everyday. You can also contact rocks via email/phone.

Click Here to learn more.

What does ROCK stand for?



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