6 degrees of Separation

Hey, rockahs!

Spring is here, and some seniors are reading King Lear.
I will stop this rhyme and not waste your time.

Serious biz: ROCK is collaborating with the folks running Not in Our Schools Week and will be holding a “6 degrees of Separation” Activity to see how everyone is connected at Gunn.

We have two requests for you:
1) Invite your friends and help talk it up among your peers
2) We need people to help with the activity.

1) Here is the link to the Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111933872155636
We want as many people possible to attend, because the more the merrier, and the easier it is to make connections, so please please please invite all of your friends to the event.

If you don’t use Facebook (good for you!), here is the description of the event:
How are we all connected at Gunn? Does six degrees of separation really exist? Come find out this coming Wednesday!

ROCK and Not In Our School Week will be hosting a 6 degrees of separation event Wednesday, March 31, during lunch!

How it will work:
You will get a sheet of paper with a random name on the top. To make it more fun, it will be someone from another grade. Your goal is to find how you are connected to that person in 6 degrees.

Starting with the name at the top, walk around and ask if people know the person and once you find someone who does, get his/her signature on the sheet and write down how he/she is related to the person. Repeat the same process until you fill up your sheet to 6 degrees and connect someone back to yourself! The goal is to find as many connections as possible, NOT to get back to yourself in the least amount of degrees. Mix it up!

Teachers will also participate and are good people to ask if you are absolutely stuck (since they teach so many students each year and may have had your person as a student). They are kind of like freebies.

You will get bonus points for “creative connections” and if you find people from all grades to include on your sheet.

Awards, prizes, of course, so come out and make some connections!

2) Needing your help
We need a lot of people during lunch to help pass out the sheets of paper with the names to the participants. It should be just for the first 5-10 minutes of lunch, and then you can jump in and find your own 6 degrees of Separation. It would be nice if you can ask to leave your B period class 5 minutes early, but no worries if you can’t. Please respond to this email ASAP if you are interested in helping out. Thank you all so much!

Last thing: ROCK leader and ROCK class rep app stuff due Monday April 5th. Info here: https://rockatgunn.wordpress.com/2010-2011-rock-leaders/, and email your stuff to rockatgunn@gmail.com. Word. Microsoft Word.

It’s almost Friday, which means almost the weekend, which means freedom!


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